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Tsoupziggy is me
_Ok, And who is you?
_Lets take it from the start…
I am Vasilis Tsouparopoulos, born in Baltimore – US, raised in Athens, Greece.  When I finished school I pursued my interest in mechanics and machines in general and followed engineering studies…
_So you are a mechanic?
_You can say that, but not really! After finishing my studies I decided that I wouldn’t follow that professionally but I’d keep it as a hobby and that I would turn my all-time classic hobby into my profession. So I went to study Multimedia & Graphic Design. Since then I’ve worked in several companies, for example, from 2003 to 2006 at ArtPower Publications as graphic Designer and Jr. Art Director, from 2006 to 2009 at The Flying Pot Creative Agency as an Art Director and from 2008 to 2010 at Urban Lifestyle FreePress as an Art director – Illustrator…
_And then?
_After that I decided to work as a freelancer designer, while being part of creative groups such as DogmaRT, Grr! Creative Spot and Barnyard Creatives. Since 2010, when I started freelancing, I’ve worked on projects for companies as DIDI MUSIC, ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL, KLIK RECORDS, EMI, REMATIA FESTIVAL, SPICY ENTERTAINMENT, DOLEDRUMS PRODUCTIONS, DREAMBOX, SPORTSERVICE LTD, 360 records, FABRIKA studio, WHITEXPO, HERETIC, HUMAN POINT,,…
_Ok, that’s enough! So you are a graphic designer, illustrator, you have done some web design too, but do you have any other projects going on?
_Yap, I do, I’m a member of Magenta Flaws, a music group – but you can find more about that here – and I also design and manufacture longboards. You can check that project at I’m also a big gamer, movie addict, bball and football player while I constantly try to save and restore my old Vespa.
_Ok, ok. That’s good for now!
_Pleased to meet you, feel free to contact me for any other info or questions you have in mind!